The end of an era...

As many of you will already know from reading Gabe's message, the Cobra Starship era is officially over.  I write this with a mixture of sadness and pride, of nostalgia, excitement and anticipation. The Cobra decade has been such a significant one in my life - and Gabe is quite right that we tried to be (and became) a band which stood for something different - for spontaneity and fun, for loyalty and communication between band members and fans, for lack of pretension and convention and for playing by one's own rules.  I will be eternally grateful to Gabe for creating Cobra in the first place, to my band mates for their talent, skill and friendship and (above all) to you, our extraordinary fans- many of whom I now regard as friends and allies. 


Outside of my loving family, I was always the outsider amongst classmates - the “weirdo” - the one being made fun of and told I’d never make it anywhere. Cobras changed my life and allowed me to travel the world, meet incredible people, play to massive audiences, be a kick ass "only girl in the band", achieve great success and gave me the confidence I never thought possible. All of you played such a powerful role in making our dreams come true. All the loving messages, snapchats, memories, photos and videos you’ve all sent today have brought me to tears of sadness and joy. I have so much love in my heart for each and every one of you. 


Now, as I look back with fondness (and considerable admiration, I confess!) at what Cobra achieved I must also of course look forward - not only to keeping the ideals, ethos and excitement that was Cobra alive but to finding and pursuing new projects, new ambitions and new obsessions to which I can look forward with the same intense anticipation.


During Cobra's downtime I have always pursued other interests and projects whenever possible and now I can throw myself into this effort with renewed vigor.  Some of you may know that my enthusiasm for the world of film has always more than matched my love of music and I have been lucky enough to work on a few really cool projects (like helping to create the titles for “Orange is the New Black” and more) over the last few years.  And I have a couple of entirely new projects brewing in that area alreadyabout which I hope I can tell you all soon.  I still love to sing of course (some of you might have noticed me on TV recently singing with Steve Martin & Edie Brickell - I sang on about half the tracks on their remarkable new album) and music will always be a very important part of my life. I currently am working on releasing my solo music as that’s always been a dream of mine. I should have a final edit of my music video for “Protect This Love” finished soon and released for all of you to enjoy. 

This day comes in the life of every band and (as Gabe correctly points out) the art is in picking the right moment to call it a day.  And this is it.  I shall miss Cobra Starship of course - but I look forward with acute anticipation to the next decade of my interesting life and the challenges it will bring.  And I say to all of you;  this is certainly not goodbye but it is the moment for a giant THANK YOU and a celebration of freedom, possibilities and the amazing excitement of building a brilliant future!

Please do stay in touch - I hope all of you will stick around with me. Onwards and upwards as they say …

Victoria Asher

Victoria Asher is a director/musician