As the lines between the various art forms (film, television, music and the visual arts) seem to wobble and blur, we begin to focus our attention to those who can cross those imaginary boundaries with ease – and Vicky-T is clearly one such artist.  Her skills and passions extend over the arts as a whole and some explanation for this can be found in her multi-national and artistically broad background. 

After being in & touring the world with multi-platinum pop band cobra starship for 10 years, Victoria has now proudly announced her first solo music venture .  With an EP in the works, she has just released two singles, “Protect This Love” and Ghost, both hyper-catchy blends of danceable synth pop and the skill and emotion of the modern singer-songwriter.

As Victoria throws her energy into not only this new music but into so many other varied creative ventures with her wide circle of friends, we can look forward to more surprises, more hits and a further breaking-down of traditional boundaries.

Vicky-T (born Victoria Asher) grew up in a highly creative environment with her father, multiple-Grammy-winning producer/manager/musician Peter Asher, and mother Wendy Worth, an art collector and curator who is featured in the Oscar-nominated documentary, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. Half English and half American, growing up steeped in music, books, films and painting Victoria has enjoyed a varied and exciting creative life thus far, defying definition and description .

She studied film at Tisch at NYU and got to work with directors like Michel Gondry and Terry Gilliam while she was there.  She joined the band Cobra Starship (singing and playing keytar) and enjoyed several years of successful recording and touring.  She directed several videos for the band and also worked with director Thomas Cobb in creating the highly-lauded title sequence for “Orange is the New Black” and sang backup on a couple of successful records for other artists (varying from Miguel to Steve Martin & Edie Brickell!) among numerous other video and musical projects.

Photograph by lauren dukoff